you need
  • - archiver WinRAR.
will now be considered in the process of separating the archive example, the most popular archiver WinRAR.If your computer is not already installed, this data logger, download and install it.Search should be one of the newest versions of the program.When you install, select "Integration into the interface of the operating system."
Right-click on the file at which you want to split into several parts.In the resulting shortcut menu, choose "Add to archive".A window appears in which you can specify the backup file well.In the lower left corner of the window is set to "Split to volumes in size."Around ar
row.If you click on this arrow, you will see a list of possible separation file and in parts.
Also on the list is an option "Auto".You can choose one of the options.Once you select an option, then click OK.Archive will be divided according to your selection.
If none of the options section file and you do not fit, you can enter this option yourself.Then, by pressing the arrow is not necessary.Left-click on the line next to the arrow.Further, based on the total file size and enter the desired size of its parts.For example, if you need to share a file 100 megabytes in two parts, respectively, enter the value to 50 megabytes.Remember - you do not enter a value in megabytes, and the bytes.A one megabyte 1048576 bytes.
archive processing speed depends on the power of your computer and the total capacity of the chosen file well.Upon completion of the file will be located in the same folder where the file itself , you shared.If you are, of course, did not change the directory menu archiver.Remember - when you remove all the parts of the archive should be located in the same directory.