to open access to the content directory for all users on your computer, right-click on the folder and select "Properties".Go to the tab "Access" and click the "Sharing".
In the new window, you can determine who will have access to the contents of the folder.Expand the list of proposed solutions by clicking on the down arrow and select the user names or group of "Everyone".Click "Add".
If you do not want other users can make changes to the shared folder, select them from the list of allowed to the right of action only "Read" for the owner of the computer - "Reading and writing".Click the "Sharing" to confirm the selection.
In Control Panel, expand "Network and Internet", click the "Network Control Center ..." and click on "Change advanced sharing settings."In t
he new window, check "Turn on network discovery", "Turn on sharing files and printers" and "Enable shared folders."
You can disable password protection sharing.If you leave the protection is enabled, you will need to create an account and give the password to all users who want to network to explore the contents of your folders.Click "Save".
Click on the folder, right-click, select "Properties" and navigate to the tab "Access."Click the "Advanced setup" to the contents of a folder can be viewed over the network.In the advanced configuration properties, check the box next to the item "Share this folder".In the line "share options" can enter a new name for the folder, which will be seen on the network.
Limit the number of users who have access to the folder, if you see fit.Click "Permissions".If you decide to open a folder for all nodes on the network, check the "Everyone" group and set it to the list of permitted activities.Click OK to confirm.