Open Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows through the "Start" menu ("All Programs┬╗ - Microsoft Office).Wait until the start of the program and open the desired presentation in the menu "File" - "Open", or create a new file, and then fill it with the necessary information.
In the top toolbar, select the tab "Home".In the section, click "Slides".After this presentation, select the frame in which you want to insert an audio recording.
Go to the "Insert".In the category of "Multimedia" click click "sound."Among the emerging options to select the most appropriate.Clicking on the option "Sound from File", you need to specify the path to the folder that contains the file you want to add to your presentation.Doubl
e-click on the record.You can also add videos, preinstalled in the graphics package, choose "Sound from Clip Organizer."
To listen to the audio file in the presentation, click on the appropriate icon that appears on the slide after the addition of sound.Select the "Working with sound" - "Settings" - "Playback", then press "View".
To enable automatic playback when switching to a slide, select the "Auto" or "Clicking" on the toolbar.For continuous music playback when displaying one or more slides, click the icon sound and go to the "Working with sound" - "Settings" - "Sound Settings", and then check the box next to "Continuous Play".
If you want to output sound when displaying two or more slides, go to the tab "Animation" - "Animation settings."Click on the arrow icon beside the selected song and choose "Effect Options".Go to the tab "Effect".In the "Stop playing" enter "after" and enter the number of slides that when viewing an audio file is played.
to preview audio before adding it, go to the Task Pane "Clip".Click the Add files and click on the arrow next to his name.Select "View and properties."