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  • - computer.
When the computer disappear familiar, frequently used labels, the situation - not pleasant.Indeed, in this case violated the usual mode of operation.And if the label disappeared from the inexperienced user - there's quite a trouble.But as they say, desperate situations do not happen.At least, the following measures will help to solve your problem.
The simplest of them - right-click on the free part of the taskbar and go to "Properties".In the new window you can enable or disable the system icons.Locate the column in the table « Volume », then on the right in the column "Behavior" in the context menu, select "Enable."Returning this icon in the toolbar, you can always set up the necessary audio settings, use the mixer to set the desired sound level, giving a variety of sound effe
return label volume tray can include service "Node universal PNP-devices."To do this, open the section "Computer."Then search for "management" of which will need to navigate to the folder "Services and Applications".Open the "Service", and connect the 'Knot universal PNP-devices. "To do this, select the properties of the startup type "Automatic" and start the service.
can try another option restore the icon.To do this, from the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel."In this section, locate the subdirectory "Sounds and Audio Devices" tab and « Volume » and tick the option "Show volume icon on the taskbar."
If these methods do not help, try cleaning temporary files and cache system settings.For this fit, for example, CCleaner.Run the program, click the "Cleanup - Windows».Then select "System" and select the "Temporary files, file fragments" and "Others - obsolete sample cache notification area, other files and folders."Clean.After this remote missing from the taskbar icon must return to the place.