To copy a file list of web addresses, launch the browser in a familiar way.In Internet Explorer, click on the menu bar button in the form of an asterisk, to get greater access to the magazine.When the browser's appearance will change, click on the arrow button in the line "Add folder" Favorites "and select the drop-down menu, select" Import and Export ".
In the window "Settings import-export", enable the field in front of the item "Export to a file" and click "Next".In the next window, specify that you want to export it, "Favorites", again click "Next".Select the folder "Favorites" or any of the existing sub-folders with the ad
dresses of sites using the left mouse button and type the path to save the file.
File with Internet resources are exported to the default format .htm.You can change the extension to .html, make sure that the data can be imported bookmarks then in any browser.Copy the file to any removable media or send it by e-mail itself.
Once yourself for other Computers, make sure that you see the directory on the file "Favorites", repeat the first and second step, but instead of the command "Export to a file" then select "Import from file".Enter the path to the "Chosen One."
If you are running in the browser Mozilla Firefox, you can export and import the file with the "tab" in the format .html, and in the format .json.In the browser menu, select "Bookmarks" and click "Show All Bookmarks."A new window "Library".Click "Import and Backup" command "Backup" or click "Export bookmarks in a HTML-file."Then proceed by analogy with the browser Internet Explorer.
in Mozilla Firefox shift "Bookmarks" on another computer, you can also use supplements Xmarks.Install it in your browser, select "Tools" menu click "Synchronize" and follow the instructions.You will be given the key code with which you can access your bookmarks from another computer.