If the Wi-Fi setup is performed on a new computer, you must install the drivers for the network card that supports wireless access.To do this, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website and download the necessary files using the resource control.
Run the downloaded file on your computer and make their installation using the instructions on the screen.Once completed, restart your computer.
If driver installation took place without problems in the lower right corner of Windows, you'll see the icon, which is an indicator of connection to the Wi-Fi.To connect to a specific access point, click on this icon and select the access point in the list that appears.If necessary, enter a password to the point and press Enter.
If the connection was made, you will see a corresponding n
otification.To see the amount of data sent over the network, as well as the state of Wi-Fi work, you can click the right mouse button on the name of the connection that is currently active, and select "Properties".
Setting connection to the access points can be adjusted via the "Control Panel" in the "Start" menu.Open this menu and then go to the "Center Network and Sharing Center" - "Change adapter settings".Double click the left mouse button on the icon "Wireless Network Connection".Click "Properties" and review the current settings for the connection.
To edit the selected access point in the window that appears, select the "Security" tab.Here you can enter a new password for the connection, set the used type of encryption and security.
To manually add a point Wi-Fi access, you can use the "Control Center Network and Sharing Center."To do this, open this section of the control panel and select "Manage wireless networks."In the resulting window displays a list of the networks used.To add your own point, press "Add" and follow the instructions on the screen.