Copying text

PC users can easily copy the various texts.With this capability, you can reduce the time and get great results.There are several ways in which to copy the text, for example, using a mouse or without it.At first glance it might seem that the mouse work much easier and more convenient.In fact, it turns out that when you copy text using the keyboard, spent much less time.

To copy

First of all, before copying the source code it is necessary to allocate.You can do this in several ways.You can hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then, without releasing it, press the button A. Due to this combination, you can select all the text on the page.

In that case, if you need to allocate only a certain piece of text, you can select text with the mouse.Clamping the left mouse button, you need to keep the cursor to the end location.Te
xt can be identified and use the keypad.To implement his plan, you must hold down the SHIFT key and then, without releasing it, press the right arrow key or down.Clean separation may be by pressing the opposite arrows on the keypad.

So, the text is highlighted, it is now the only copy.The process of copying the text, as the recovery process is not time consuming and does not require any specific skills.The first way is to copy the text using a computer mouse.Once you select some or all of the text, click the right mouse button on the selected area.Then, a context menu appears.Here you need to select Copy.After that carry the copied text in the target file, press the right mouse button and point to Paste.This copying procedure is completed.

As mentioned above, there is an alternative way to copy the text, which involves the use of the keyboard.This option is much easier and faster.Once you highlight the desired text, press the key combination Ctrl + C. After simultaneously pressing these buttons, all highlighted text will be copied to the clipboard.Then you need to open the target file (a text editor) and press the key combination Ctrl + V. The entire text that was previously copied will appear in the target file.

The same procedure to copy and paste can be used not only for text, but also for files and folders.