Tip 1: How to open a docx document format

DOCX - is one of the file formats for storing text documents , created by Microsoft.It is used in office programs Microsoft Office, starting from version 2007. Since 2006, the format was "open", so that it can be used by other manufacturers and text editors.Files in this format are zip-archive with the texts in XML, graphics and other elements included in the electronic document.
Use Compatibility Pack, released the corporation Microsoft, if your computer has an earlier version of Office.This is a program weight of 37.2 megabytes, which is laid out in free access to the corporate server.After download and install it becomes possible to work with files that have extensions docx, docm, xlsx, pptx to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint versions prior to 2007.Direct link to download the compatibility pack on the site of the corporation Microsoft - http: //www.microsoft.com/downloads/ru-ru/details.aspx? FamilyID = 941b3470 -... .The program has a setup wizard, that is, after the start you just n
eed to follow the instructions given by the application.
use text editor package Open Office, if you have it installed.This package is distributed with most distributions operating system Linux, but the Windows versions also exist.Due to the fact that the Office Open XML format is an open Microsoft Corporation in Open Office built its support.However, opening the docx format documents with very complex formatting, you can get the look of the text, slightly different from the original.
Use online format converter as an alternative to the methods described above.For example, clicking on a site http://doc.investintech.com click the big blue button labeled Browse, in the dialog that opens, find the desired file your computer docx format and click "Open."After downloading the file to the server, click the button labeled Convert, wait for the download link and download the resulting conversion doc-file.

Tip 2: How to open docx

docx - document format, which has become a major for Microsoft Word from version Microsoft Word 2007. This format is different from the previously used doc that is completely built on the XML standard, andIt is essentially a zip-file containing a collection of files: the actual text, pictures, and so on. d. How to handle files in this format?

  1. most logical way - to open docx use Microsoft Word 2007. Typically, if an office suite in 2007 or later installed on the system, even the question of opening a file docxIt does not arise since this extension is automatically recognized by the system as belonging to Microsoft Word, the same program used to open it.The disadvantage of such solutions is only one: in some cases, installing office suite version 2007 or above is impossible or undesirable, e.g., due to its high cost.

  2. If the system has Microsoft Word installed previous versions, such as 2003, you open docx file can still be pre passing it through a converter.Currency and recommendations for their use can be found on the Microsoft Web site (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=941b3470-3ae9-4aee-8f43-c6bb74cd1466&displaylang=ru).

  3. To extract contained in the document images or other objects can simply unzip the docx file archiver, for example 7-zip, and to find the necessary files including the contents of the resulting folder.If the archiver refuses to accept the file as a file, rename it with the extension zip.

  4. docx format is recognized and the latest versions offer a free alternative office suite from Microsoft - package Open Office.

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