you need
  • - Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007
Try to find the original document.To do this, call up the main menu system by pressing the "Start" button and activate utility Search Companion by clicking the "Use an assistant."Point to "All files and folders" in the dialog box and type the name of the document to be reversed in the appropriate field.Select "My Computer" in the catalog "Where to Find" and confirm the selected action by clicking on "Find."
Enter a string "or part of the file name entirely" extension .doc, characteristic documents Word, and then click "Find" if you do not remember the file name.
Expand Desktop "Basket" double click and expand the "View" menu top service panel Select the item "Table" and then use the "Arrange Icons".Select the item "Date of removal" and try to find
the document.
Type extension * .wbk in line "part of the file ..." to search for a stored backup file, and then click "Find" (with the option "Always create backup copy».
By using AutoSave documents expand the menu of Microsoft Office and expand the "File" menu top service panel window. Enter the command "Open" and the item "Document Word». Press the arrow symbol in the new dialog box, and use theoption "Open and Repair" to attempt an authoritative restore closed without saving the document.
Use and values ​​* .asd and * .tmp in the line "part of the file ..." to search for a possible place and time to save the documentcopies.
Open the menu "File" top service pane of Word to another trying to authoritatively restore the document and select the command "Open".Use the option "All Files" directory "Files of type" and locate the desired file in the dialog box.Click the symbol "down arrow" and choose the command "Open and Repair."