To enter Roman numbers into a text document Word, press the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F9".In place of the cursor will be two braces that are grayed out.Within the brackets, you enter the desired number (in Arabic numerals 0 to 9) in the following way: "=
number * Roman" (without the quotes).Then again, press F9, and Arab figures are converted to the desired number of Roman.
If you need to fix the permission Roman numeral, click the right mouse button.From the pop-up context menu, select "Codes / values ​​of the fields."Roman numbers again turn into an editable format "= number * Roman" in curly brackets.Correct the number written the usual Arabic numerals, and again press the F9 key to convert it into a Roman numeral.Changes have been made.
Russian version of Microsoft Excel is also provided with a similar function.This feature is called - of Rome.To enter a Roman numeral, select an empty cell in the document, and record the number in the following format: "= ROMAN (number)" (without the quotation marks!), Where "number" - is written in the usual number of Arabic numerals.Then press the «Enter».Arab numbers will be converted to Roman.
Edit Roman numerals as follows.Click on the cell with a Roman numeral.In the line "Insert Function» (fx) will record this numbers in editable format "= ROMAN (number)."Just write a new number in Arabic numerals, and press «Enter».