before writing the memo should be to gather information that will serve as its basis.Since memo come in different sizes - from the size of a small pocket calendars to booklets, you need to decide how many useful tips it must accommodate and in what form it is destined to appear in front of the consumer.You can also get acquainted with the existing material of other organizations not to repeat and make them find a starting point for creating your memo.
is important in the memo and its color scheme, appropriate in many cases the colors of the logo of your organization.Any publication
of the booklet to the album attracts primarily for its colors.Therefore, we recommend to try several options to choose the most successful.If necessary, consult a specialist.
Any memo, regardless of its format, begins with an appeal to the reader.It contains a summary of the urgency of the problem, the solution of which the potential client may need to set out in the memo information.To the reader is obliged to draw the attention of someone who accidentally stopped his opinion on it.Often the title of a memo presented in the form of a simple question such as "How to get a driver's license?ยป
main text of a memo issued in the form of advice, which are divided into thematic blocks or sequences.The main requirements to the contents of this part - the availability and relevance of the information provided.After reading the memo, the reader should be tempted to throw it in your bag and go back to it for an appropriate case.Finish memo possible contact details of your organization.