Tip 1: How to cut the object in the picture

Not only designers to work with images.For example, sometimes you have to cut out pictures any object .Consider cutting element of the photos in the three most famous image editors.
you need
  • Graphic Editor
Microsoft Paint.For the selected photos with stone tools fit "allocation of any area."Select it (step 1 in Fig. * Insert *) and, holding the left mouse button, the object tracing .It will look like in step 2. When the line is closed, when the mouse button is released, the allocation will take the form of a rectangle (step 3).Do not be scared - highlighted a curve fragment will remain the same.Then you can cut or copy to the clipboard or delete.To do this, right-click on the selected portion of the image, and select the appropriate action (copy, paste or clear).You can also click the menu item "Edit" and select the desired action there.Or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + X (cut) and Del (delete).Photo after cutting or removing the fragment will look like
on the 4th example.
MS PhotoEditor.This editing software is supplied with the package MS Office, can allocate only a rectangular area.To do this, open the image and click on the tool "choice" (highlighted in the 1st example figure * insert *).Next, hold the left mouse button, highlight the desired portion of the photo (step 2).When you release the button, the selection will take the form shown in Example №3.At this point, you can resize the selection.To do this, shift squares line in the desired direction.Actions to release the same as in the Paint.
Adobe Photoshop.This editor has a far greater ability to work with images.Only the tools to extract arbitrary domains, there are three.They, like all the other tools are grouped and are included by right-clicking on a cell with the current tool.The right button brings up the available options, and the left turn on the right.In Photoshop, for an arbitrary allocation has three tools: a lasso (example in Figure 1. * Insert *), this instrument is similar to the same in Paint;Polygonal Lasso tool (Example 2) - series by clicking the left mouse button on the object contour but straight lines selects the desired area.The third tool - magnetic lasso (Example 3).It allows you to automatically allocate object s on the border of flowers.First click set the starting point of "trajectory", followed by - extra point (for greater reliability).To complete the selection, as in other cases, it is necessary to close the discharge line and again pressing the left button.
After selection, you can use the same means as that of the other editors.The example shows 4 menu called by right-clicking on the selection.

Tip 2: How to cut an object in Paint

Creating and editing images in Microsoft Paint by using a standard set of instruments, which includes the ability to cut certain part of the picture.It is necessary to transfer the object from one part of the figure to another or copy to the clipboard and then inserting the second image Paint.
The cut object can be moved to another area of ​​the drawing
order to cut any object in Paint, you must first select it.To do this, use the button with the appropriate name, which is below the black triangle, which opens a list of options.Area selection can be of two types: rectangular and arbitrary.The latter is useful when the part of the picture tightly surrounded by other objects that should not fall into the allocated area.In the settings you can select the line "Select all" - in this case, the entire image will be copied.This command replaces pressing the buttons on the keyboard Ctrl + A.In the following image can be inserted into the other, squeeze it and made a part of the collage.
By clicking on the selection, you need to put the cursor on the border of the trimming area, hold the left mouse button to circle the object's outline.Having made a complete turn around it, release the mouse button.The above outline disappears, giving way to a wide rectangle with dotted parties.Next, you need to put the cursor within this rectangle, right-click and select the context menu line "Cut."Left on the taskbar have the same team, indicating a similar effect.
cut the object, the user will receive a blank white area which later will be required to fill in the background or fill out another figure, if the file is still needed and should be sent to the trash.Subsequently, the cut portion of the picture can be inserted, both in the same image or in a separate file open Paint.That's using a graphical editor makes collages or a drawing kit of parts to another, for example, when transferring a human face on a very different picture.
In the parameters selection, opened by clicking the arrow below the "Select", there is a line "Clear Selection".Putting the checkbox next to it, by moving the held circuit with being inside the object, not the entire inserts line separated region, but only located inside the figure.The only condition - a pure white background.If the circuit will affect at least the edge of another object, it is "clear" the movement will not succeed.Allocate possible as a rectangle, and an arbitrary line.If the objects are arranged on a homogeneous background of a different color, it can be changed to white, and then cutting and pasting elsewhere again to change the color.
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