popularity of tablets increases, more and more people choose them as a primary computing device.They're lightweight and compact - it is convenient to put in a bag or folder.

Earlier plates used mostly for fun, but now many people prefer to use them for work.With their help, read the documents, receives e-mail and even typing.This can be done not only on the screen, but also with an external keyboard, which enhances the operability set.

Ability to print documents from the flatbed makes this type of computers in complete tool.To these devices have taken root in the corporate sector, it is important to teach them to work with printers.

connection using Wi-Fi and USB

Most tablet models equipped with a module Wi-Fi.With it, you can go online and connect to devices with an appropriate interface.F
or example, some printers allow you to connect wireless devices and performs printing documents.

If the printer is equipped with a module Wi-Fi, you can try to connect to the office network using a wireless access point.Joining forces with her send a document to a network printer.But this method does not always work.Problems can arise due to incompatibility of software.

surest way - to connect to the printer directly, using a cable USB.If your tablet is equipped with a full-size connector is not as well equipped port MiniUSB or MicroUSB, you can use an adapter - Cable On-The-Go (OTG).Usually it is applied to the tablet at purchase.If the wires were not included, you can buy it at most computer stores.

For the full collaboration of the tablet, and you need to install the printer drivers.To find it suitable for a bunch of your devices is difficult.Therefore, it is more convenient to use special software.

very popular program PrinterShare, allows you to print text files from the tablet or photos.The program is paid, but greatly simplifies the task of printing documents from mobile devices.

Using it is simple.Install it on the device and connect it to the printer cable.Go to the menu.There is a list of printers, which should see your device.You can now select the desired documents and send them to print as a normal computer.

Using Google Cloud Print

If you have a tablet running operating system Android, you can use the cloud service from Google.This technology works by having access to the Internet.She will help you out, if you can not connect your tablet to a printer described above.Some models are equipped with printing devices support Google Cloud Print, and do not require a computer directly connected to the worldwide web.

If you want to print the document on a normal printer, you need a PC with Internet access, an account on Google and the eponymous browser Chrome.In the settings of Internet Explorer you need to select Google Cloud Print and add your printer.

After registering in the cloud service, the printer can receive documents from the flatbed.Posted from your mobile device a document on the Internet channel gets into Google Cloud Print, where sent to the browser Chrome, running on your PC.Web browser sends the document to the printer.For the successful implementation of chain operations, all devices have to work and stay in the network.