Tip 1: How to print a price tag

price tag - a small presentation of the proposed purchaser of the goods.Its main purpose - to attract the consumer's attention and to give information about the product, its manufacturer, the main features and price.To get ready for the work the price tag, you need to follow some rules, which are listed below.
on price lists of different types of goods, food and non-food, is to be relevant information.If you are ready to print the price tag for food products, be sure to specify it in such data:
• for the weight of the goods - a product name, grade, price per kilogram or one hundred grams, depending on the weight of packing;
• for products that are sold on tap - product name, price per unit capacity or plumb;
• for piece goods and beverage companies, manufacturers of pre-packaged in bottles, cans, boxes, bags and the like - product name, weight or capacity, price for packing.
In compiling information for the price tag for food products should pay attention to the customer:
• product name, grade, price per kilogram, liter or piece;
• for small piece goods (perfumes, dry goods, etc.) - product name, manufacturer and price.
Equally important in the preparation of its price tag are color, font and shape.When choosing these components in the first place need to remember about the main thing:
• product information on the price tag must be legible and readily visible to the buyer, iewhen you select a font it is necessary to focus on a more precise form;
• Group similar goods should have a uniform format and color of the price tag, eg: dairy products - green;Seafood - blue;articles made of ceramics - brown;non-food products - orange, bright blue, red;
• Labels simple geometric shapes easily perceived and remembered by customers compared with complex and unusual.
Print pricelist square or rectangular shape will not be difficult even in the program Microsoft Word.Determined to its size, doing on the page convenient for you orientation, ordinary table with cells of the corresponding format.In the first cell type thoughtful pre-text that meets the above requirements.If you want to insert the picture.You copy the contents of the cell, insert the rest, save and print.At your option, you can use other programs, which in large quantities are available for download on the Internet.
final stage of manufacture of the price tag is the assurance of his signature material or responsible officer, whose responsibilities include this feature.On the price list also displays the details of the store, which should be marked clearly and without any corrections or ink stamp.

Tip 2: How to print a price tag

price tag is a kind of advertising product which is put up for sale.Its main purpose, to attract the attention of the buyer and acquaint him with the information about the product, the manufacturer, and the cost of the components.Today, a price tag, there are certain requirements related to its correct design.
How to print a price tag
filled correctly.Price tags on all types of goods sold, must contain relevant information about the quality of the goods.In the preparation of the price list of foods to print, specify the following:

For goods in bulk - grade, the price per unit of weight (500 grams, kilograms) in zavisimotsi of packaging

For goods that are offered on tap - the price per unit of volume.

for piece goods and drinks, packed manufacturers - the volume or weight, price per pack or bottle.Name the product and its shelf life, it is mandatory information for all kinds of food products.
Write for products not used for food, and in particular perfume or clothing accessories and clothing price tag product name, manufacturer, and cost.
Pay close attention to its shape, font and color.Select the font clear that the information on this product was clearly visible to the consumer, and he was able to highlight important aspects for yourself.The color is directly proportional to affect the attractiveness of the product, emphasize the specificity of the following colors: green - for dairy products, the blue for the sea-food, brown - for ceramics and blue, red or orange for household or knitted goods.
Select shape price tag, but be aware that square or rectangular easily perceived by consumers.Form filling should not limit the price tag information.
Prepare to print price tags in the program Microsoft Word.To start with the size.Take on the page of ordinary table with cells of the desired size.Enter the first cell with the corresponding text information.Then copy the price list ready in the next cell.Save the finished page and print to the printer.Labels can be printed in any other suitable software.
Reassure tags signature material - the responsible person.Enter the details on the price list and the date of registration of the store price tag.This information should not be fixes ink or paint.
  • price tags in a Word


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