Follow these steps to open the folder with the refusal of access.Check the permissions for the folder, you can do this: open the context menu on the desired folder, select "Properties".Go to the tab "Security", click on "Groups and Users", click the username to display the existing authorization.To open the folder to which access is closed, set the resolution read.Next, click "Apply".
Go to the computer as an "Administrator" to gain access to the closed folder.Then click "Start" to go to the main menu, select "My Computer."Go to "Tools", select "Folder Options", go to the tab "View".Check the box next to the item "Simple File Sharing," click "OK".
Boot with the disk LiveCD.The operating system will load all folders will
be available.Open the folder with restricted access, copy all that it contains, in a new folder, it is desirable to create a different drive or on a flash drive.
If the folder contains other folders, they can also be blocked, for their content, too, need to create new directories.Transfer files only from them.Remove all the old folder, and you must name a new differently, in any case, do not assign a new folder the old names.Reboot the system, boot from the hard drive.Now you can open a directory with restricted access.
Perform check your system for viruses, since the error with access to the folder can occur due to viruses such as Virus.VBS.Small.a and others.Check the registry, namely section under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / Winlogon, the value should be the Userinit: system32 / userinit.exe.
Open drives of your computer in the "Explorer", previously in the "Folder Options" show hidden elements.Look at the wheels and check whether they file autorun. ****.If you find the file, delete it and restart the system.