Adobe Photoshop ins for Adobe Photoshop software also is called additional filters.As basic filters installed in its default program, plugins change the processed image - distort the image, change the palette, etc. ins for Adobe Photoshop apply both individually and whole packages.Files additions format 8bf, just copy the folder in Photoshop / Plug-Ins.If there is a plugin installation file (setup.exe or install.exe), then run it.After installing the plug-ins added appear in the Filter menu in Adobe Photoshop with standartnymi.Plagin Contrast Master increase image contrast and allow you to give ordinary snapshots trendy effect HDR.Plagin ICOF
ormat after installation in the program will allow you to store small images (no larger than 200x200 px) likeicon files with the extension ico.Plagin Genuine Fractals Pro is designed to significantly increase the size of images without losing image quality.A similar effect would create filters Blow Up and AKVIS Magnifier.AKVIS Chameleon - plug-in for lovers to create collages.Instrumentation filter adjusts the palette to add color fragment under the main image, smoothes sharp edges of images, making collages are obtained especially realistichnymi.Plagin AKVIS Smart Mask helps you quickly identify and cut some parts of the image, which is also very useful for fans to do kollazhi.Google ChromeDlya popular Internet browser, GoogleChrome created thousands of plug-ins, and the list is constantly updated.To view the available downloads additions bruzera menu (the button with a wrench), select "Tools" - "Extensions".Click on "add an extension" ("Get more extensions").On the next page, look for kategoriyam.Plagin VKfox plugins allow you to view new posts "contact" and to respond to them, will inform about the new estimates photos, comments, opinions, invitations to the entrance and exit to this popular social network of your friends, etc..There is also a similar plug-in for the Mozilla browser Firefox.Plagin Google Mail Chesker after installation will show the number of unread messages in your mailbox on Gmail.Panic Button - a plugin that will allow you to minimize all open tabs in a browser by pressing a button, and then, ifIt needs to restore ih.Mozilla FirefoxDlya least popular browser Mozilla also created a huge number of plug-ins (add-ons).To select a suitable, the browser menu, select "Add-ons" or simply press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + A.In the window that opens, select the "Get Add-ons" .ext CacheViewer allow you to conveniently view the files stored in the cache brauzera.FireShot - a tool that creates screenshots of pages viewed.The resulting image files in various formats you can upload to the network, send e-mail, save to disk, export via the clipboard in graphical redaktor.Filtry ons Adblock Plus will allow you to block content sites viewed from pictures to Java-script.Settings lock you installed yourself.So you get rid of ad viewing, protect yourself from viruses and significantly increase the speed of loading web stranits.Otslezhivayte emergence of new plug-ins on the Internet, install, and your favorite programs will be for you an even more comfortable.