Make sure your home computers are connected to each other via a router or ADSL modem service enabled DHCP, but the parameters of the network card set to automatically obtain network settings.Typically, home PCs are configured for a specific user and do not require a password at startup.In order not to create accounts on each computer and configure each of them, you must enable the guest account and give it access to resources.
To do this, in the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel-Accounts users-Family Safety, add and delete user accounts."After that, click on the account "Guest", then - "Enable".
next step will be the integration of all the computers in a common working group.To do this in the Control Pane
l, select "System and Security, System-Modify-name computer name of the domain-workgroup settings."
In the resulting window, click "Change", then enter the name of the computer in the group, and workgroup name.Moreover, a working group of all computers should be the same, and the computer names are different.After confirmation, restart the PC.
Click on the network connection icon (near the clock, at the bottom right), then on the word "Center Network and Sharing Center."Next, click on the "Connected" in the "View your active networks".Install the necessary checkboxes in the section "Share libraries and printers."
tab "Other actions with the home team," click the inscription "Change advanced sharing settings."
Then open the section "Home or Work".In the Open options enable "Network discovery" All items Sharing "and" Recommended settings "disable" Sharing with password protection. "Apply the changes.
allow all computers on the network to use the installed printers.To do this, click "Start, Devices and Printers."Right-click on the printer and select the "Printer Properties".Check the box under "Share this printer" and "Drawing print jobs on the client computer" in the tab "Access."
remains to allow all computers to use a shared folder with movies.To do this, locate the folder that contains your movie and then click on the right mouse button menu, select "Share-specific users."In the resulting window, click the drop-down list of users, then select "All", and then "Add".At the bottom of the window, define access rights for all users, and click "Share."