used as a tool normal file manager of your operating system, if the optical disc is used to backup or transfer files.In this case, the storage structure and file formats it have no singularities.In Windows File Manager (Explorer) starts automatically when you insert a DVD into the drive.Highlight in his box all of the objects of the original disc and press the key combination Ctrl + C, the operating system to remember the list to be copied.Then navigate to the drive and the folder on your computer where you want the information and press the key combination Ctrl + V (insert team).A
fter that starts the process of duplication of DVD-ROM.
To copy the source disc will not differ from that described in the first step, and in that case, if the data written on it in DVD-format and without the use of any system of protection.If the protection is there, you have to use the program more attuned to the optical disk than the usual file manager.For example, it may be an application Slysoft CloneDVD or Slysoft AnyDVD, DVD Mate, DVD Decrypter, and others. The procedure for using them is different, but the general principle is the same - in the forms of a program you need to specify the source drive and the storage location information, and all other applications doyourself.
Use the program to create and mount disk images, if you want to use a virtual copy of the original DVD, stored in your computer.These programs are in addition to the copy of information stored in a special format and all the details of its location on the optical disc and can then do the reverse procedure - to reproduce an exact copy of the original virtual or burn it to a blank DVD-disc.The most popular applications of this type are today of Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, Nero Burning ROM.By using these programs, the general principle of action is the same, too: select the source drive and the storage location of its image, and the rest will make the program.For example, in the application Daemon Tools you must click on the button "Create Disk Image" in the dialog that opens, make sure that the value in the "Drive" indicates the correct DVD-ROM drive and, if necessary, change the address of conservation in the "Output image."In addition, you can tick the checkbox "Compress image data", if you want to save some space on your hard drive.After pressing "Start" begins the process that can take several hours - the duration depends on the volume of information on the disk and the speed of its reader in your DVD-drive.