you need
  • program for disk Daemon Tools Lite, Alkohol 120%, UltraISO or similar
  • any CD or DVD data disc
DownloadDaemon Tools Lite on the official website following the link
After downloading install it.Nothing is set up, just press "Next", accept the license agreement and select a free license.Remove markers next to "Set Yandeks.Bara", "Make your homepage Yandex", "Set your default search engine Yandex."The rest of the markers can be left.After selecting the installation location, remove the checkbox option to "Send anonymous usage statistics" and agree to restart the computer.
rebooting your computer, you will see the update virtual drives.In the lower r
ight corner near the clock appears round icon with a zipper.Click the right mouse button and select "Settings" .In the window that appears select "General Settings" and check the box in the line "Automatic mounting" to restart after a desired image was mounted automatically.Click the "Signs" and then close the window.
Insert the data disc in a drive, then click on the program icon, right-click and select "Create an image".In the resulting window, select the drive in which the disc is inserted and you want to make an image.Click on the "Update" button.Put a marker in the line "Delete the image with error."In the "Output file image", select where you want to save the finished image.In the window that appears, specify the location and name of the image.In the "Type the file and" enter "to describe image files (* .mds)» and click "Save".Now press "Start" and then you get ready 10-15 disk image format mds.
Download and install the trial version of UltraISO or purchase a license.
Run in the menu, select "Tools" from the drop list and click on the "Create Image CD ...».
In the window that appears, select the drive in which the data disc.Specify a folder to save the finished image.Below, put a marker next to the line «Alcohol (.mdf / .mds)» and click "Make".After a few minutes the desired image of your drive will be ready.