you need
  • - video;
  • - software VirtualDub;
  • - program Photoshop.
to export fragments of the film as a sequence of still images suitable program VirtualDub.Ctrl + O keys to open her video and drag the pointer to the current frame to the beginning of the passage, intended for conversion into an animation.
Clicking on the player located under the window button Mark in, select the beginning of the selection.End piece, with shots which you will work, check by pressing Mark out.
Option Image sequence group Export from the File menu, open the settings are stored sequence of images.Select the image format and the location where they will be recorded.
If you are running a
version of Photoshop, which can import video frames as layers, use this opportunity.Option Video Frames to Layers Group Import from the File menu, open the dialog box and select the file to be processed.If you are not going to redo the entire clip in an animation, enable the Selected Range Only in the Import Settings and scroll to the Timeline beneath the preview window, a fragment that you want to import into Photoshop.
Users of older versions of the graphics editor will need to download images stored using a video editor manually.Already used in other programs by a combination of Ctrl + O Open the first of the saved pictures.
If the animation will consist of a large number of pictures, you can ease the process of assembling them into a single file, writing a short action.To do this, load the next editor of the stored frame and click on Create new action in the palette Actions.
After start recording the sequence of actions to highlight the contents of the second frame by a combination of Ctrl + A and copy the keys Ctrl + C.Go to the window with the first picture and paste it into a new layer keys Ctrl + V.Close the file with the second frame and stop recording action button Stop recording.
To insert a picture file as a layer created by using the sequence in Photoshop, open the next picture at a time, select the name of the created action and click on Play.If the size of retention was too big, after boot cut unnecessary layers Crop tool, or change the size of the file menu option Image Size Image.
create animation frames.To do this, turn off all the layers except the background and open the Animation palette menu option Window.Duplicates selected frames button to create a new frame in the palette.Right buttons located at the bottom of the palette, and the form of the sheet of paper with curved corner.In the Layers palette, turn on the visibility of the following images that are going to be inserted into the animation.In the same manner, add all the other future gif images.
To adjust the playback speed, select all the contents of the animation palette by clicking on the first and last frame while holding the key Shift.By clicking on the arrow at the bottom of any frame, set the desired duration.
Save animation Save for Web option menu File, select gif from a list of available formats.