you need
  • - Computer;
  • - software Easy Recovery Data Recovery.
To recover deleted files commonly used special programs for rehabilitation, which can be found in abundance on the Internet with free access.Most of them are based on the fact that when you delete or overwrite the disk on top of the other files in the storage area remains untouched by this process.If these areas were kept erased files, this program detects and give them the opportunity to recover.The probability of successful recovery without special equipment to drive the over
written area is extremely small.If you have such a situation, it is best to contact a specialized service center for data recovery.
So you do decide to restore deleted or overwritten files.To do this, download and install a program to recover deleted files: a good choice is Easy Recovery Data Recovery.This program, though paid, but Russified and established recognized in this area by the developer - the company OnTrack.
To restore files, run the program and select Data Recovery, then - Standard Recovery.A list of drives.Choose the one that you want to restore the data, and then click Next.Begin the process of analyzing and scanning, in which the program will find all files and directories that it can recover.At the end of the left displays a list of found files and directories.Select the ones you want to recover and click Next.On the next screen of the wizard, specify the path where recovered files will be copied.Click Next and wait for the file recovery process.