you need
  • - universal programmer.
To use the cartridge, simply reset the chip.In fact, these chips are cleared, and he starts scoring again.To reset a special device, called a programmer.Of course, the device is worth the money.But it is better to buy it once and refilled cartridges yourself than to buy new, or pay for them to refuel at the service center.Depending on the printer model cost programmer can vary greatly.You must buy the device model that is appropriate to the printer model.
For Samsung printer is very popular universal programmer model, the principle of which is different from the others.For example, it will be considered and Process of.Find this model can be on the Intern
et.Just type "universal programmer Samsung».
Connect the programmer to the PC USB-port.The further procedure is described in terms of operating system Windows 7. In other operating systems, it may be slightly different.Included with the device is a driver Speed ​​prog.Install it.
on your desktop folder appears Speed ​​prog.Open it, and then - file Speed ​​prog.In the window that appears, click Test.After a few seconds the program will detect the chips.Click on the arrow on top.There will be the name of the serial number of the cartridge.Select it.Then connect the chip to the programmer (described in the instructions).
After this menu, select the Read all.Save the file.It's an old firmware version.Then this file (firmware) must be opened with the program editor.Find out what the value should be changed, it is possible to guide the program, which is in a folder on the desktop.
After this window, click on the icon in front of the first arrow that is above and select the firmware file to be edited.Then click the Write all.