you need
  • - TV;
  • - a satellite dish;
  • - receiver.
1 Make sure your satellite equipment meets the following requirements for receiving HD-Platform: antenna should be placed at a distance of 90 cm or above.Recommended models of receivers for reception of the package: Humax HDCI-2000 and General Satellite HD-9300.You will also need a universal converter of linear polarization, the receiver and smart card access to connect to HD-Platform.
Press the "Menu" button on the receiver using the "entrusted with" and "Down" select "Install."Then press the "Right", go to the "Channel Search", then select "Transponder".Use the "Up" and "Down" to select the manual mode settings and add three transponders according to the following steps.
Adjust the receiver to the package "Platform HD».To do this, add
the receiver settings transponder 84 and 80. To activate 84go transponder, set the following parameters: frequency - 12380 MHz, vertical polarization, select.Standard transmission - DVB-S2.In "Modulation", set 8PSK / Pilot ON.Select the symbol rate value - 26400. Parameter FEC - 2/3.
Make the setting broadcast HD-Platform at 80m transponder.To do this, its frequency - 12303 MHz, vertical polarization, select.Set the "Standard transmission» - DVB-S2.The option "Modulation" select 8PSK / Pilot ON.The value of the symbol rate set - 26400. Next, select the value FEC - 2/3.
Set as transponders for broadcasting platform №75 DV, for this purpose in the receiver settings, add the settings.Set the frequency 12207 MHz, select horizontal polarization.Select the data transfer standard - DVB-S2.Set the "Modulation» - 8PSK / Pilot ON.Then, set the symbol rate 27500, and setting FEC - 2/3.After setting all the transponders make a channel search on each of them.