The file is in use, which is currently running on the computer.In this case, the system displays a message like: "Can not delete file (folder).No access".Try to close all open files and programs and then try again.
If the message is repeated, right-click on the task bar (the blue bar on the bottom line of the screen), and from the context menu run the "Task Manager."Click the "Processes" tab and look closely, if the process is not running with the name of the file you are trying to remove.Select the process and click "End Process."After warning system to confirm the completion of the process, and then try again to delete the file.If the attempt fails, restart the computer (it will close all running pr
ograms) and once again try to delete a file by standard means.
executable file that can not be removed, it may be a virus program.Log in to Safe Mode.To do this, after turning on the computer, press F8, until the boot mode selection menu.Choose the top option "Safe Mode" and then try to boot Windows to delete the file by standard methods.
To delete the files, you can use a free program Unlocker.Download it from the manufacturer and run.During installation, read carefully what you propose to install.In the first screen, uncheck the box next to "I accept the terms of the license agreement with Hamster Free Zip Archiver┬╗, if you do not need a data logger by this developer, and click Next.In the next screen, you will be offered to install SpeedUpMyPC.Uncheck the box if you do not consider it necessary to do so, and press "Cancel".
window, select the installation language Russian.When you install the program Unlocker, if you consider yourself an advanced user, select the way to Advanced, but uncheck next to Install Delta Toolbar - then you will be very difficult to get rid of the program.
now to delete the file, click on it, right-click and choose Unlocker.The program prompts you to select an action from the list: "No action;Remove;Rename;Move. "Use "Remove".