Select tekstPervym step is to select a piece with the mouse - clicking the left mouse button and hold it until the desired portion of text end.For example, the widely used MS Word, there are two kinds of fragments: lower case (consisting of a few lines coming one after another, and originating from the beginning of the line) and line (comprising a sequence of a few lines that can begin and end anywhereline).
Drag the text if you need to move a small version of the move obemPervy fragment text - a "drag and drop".Highlight the text and moving the cursor to the fragment click the left mouse button.You will see a dotted cursor.Holding the button, move it to a place in th
e text where you want to insert a fragment, and release.
Copy the text if desired, or a large amount of space is on the other stranitsahSkopiruyte selected text by clicking the right mouse button and selecting the desired command, or use the same command by selecting the appropriate button on the control panel.Move the cursor to the desired location in the text, and select "paste."Such an operation is possible with the "hot" keys ctrl c (copy) and ctrl v (paste).The original fragment delete text by selecting it and pressing the delete (del).
Use the "cut" You can move the text by cutting and pasting it in the right place.In this case, you do not have to re-look for it to select and delete.To do this, select the text and choose "cut".Use the command "paste" to move it to a new location.
Use the same techniques when moving fragments from one document to drugoyEsli you need to move some text into another document, open both documents.Select a movie, and "catch" it with the mouse, drag the text to another in the same way as within a document, hold the mouse button.When you hover the cursor over minimized window of the new document, it opens automatically.Similarly, you can use the command "Copy", "cut" and "paste".