you need
  • - keyboard;
  • - touchpad.
To copy text without using a computer mouse, you must first select the text you want.This command uses a combination of keys on the keyboard Shift + left arrow or right.Also used to highlight text keys Shift + Ctrl + left arrow, right.You can select text by entire paragraphs and lines with the help of arrows.This feature is very useful when working with large volumes of information.
The selected text you can copy data to the clipboard using the Ctrl + C is also possible to copy the text or object using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Ins (Insert).
Then move the cursor to the desired location and paste copied text by using the keys Ctrl + V or Shift + Ins (Insert).Immediately to the specified location will be the text previously copied to the clip
If you are using a laptop, then almost all of the models PC built a device called a touchpad (touchpad).To select text on a laptop, move the cursor to the desired location, then press the Shift + left button touchpad.The cursor marks the end of the fragment.
then press the right button on the touchpad and the mouse or the arrow point to "Copy".The isolated fragment is stored in the operating system clipboard.
To paste the text, move the cursor to the desired document or a field, press the right button on the touchpad, and also by using the arrow keys or the mouse, point to "Insert" and copied text instantly inserted into the specifiedplace.
on your computer or laptop is possible not only to copy and paste the text without using a computer mouse.To perform any act or operation on the computer may be sufficient, and the keyboard.