Expansion of CDW are drawing files created in the program "Compass".These drawings are used for modeling assemblies and components, and are often used in project documents, in manufacturing and as a technical illustration.

app "Compass" is an environment designed for the design that meets the standards of ASAP (system design documentation construction) and ESKD (unified design documentation system).Files prepared in "Compass" can have several formats.Documents that are responsible for the specification, are stored in the format of SPW, text explanation - format KDW, three-dimensional model - M3D format and A3D, fragments of drawings - in the format of FRW, and the drawings themselves have the extension CDW.

View CDW format files in two ways - with the help of the progr
am "Compass" and free viewer "Kompas-3D Viewer».


program "Compass" developed by Russian company "Ascon".Depending on the needs of the developer, "Ascon" proposes to use different versions of the program - "Compass-3D», «Kompas-3D Home», «Kompas-3D LT», «Kompas-schedule" or "Compass ASAP."Regardless of the version of the application, all the products line "Compass" allows you to view and edit files with CDW.Some are more suited to work with sketches and drawings, some - for two-dimensional or three-dimensional design.

Download version of "Compass-3D» from the official website of the program developers.Although she paid, users are provided with a free trial period for 30 days.

«Kompas-3D Viewer»

To people who are not directly related to work in the computer-aided design, can view and print drawings created in the family "Compass," the company "Ascon" has developed a special application viewerwhich is called "Compass-3D Viewer».This viewer supports all major file formats "Compass» - CDW, A3D, M3D, SPW, KDW and FRW.

In addition, "Kompas-3D Viewer» allows you to view files created in AutoCAD (DXF, DWG).At the moment, there are versions of applications targeted for use in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems Windows.Download "Kompas-3D Viewer» from the official website of the developer.The size of the installation file for 32-bit systems is 223 megabytes, and 64-bit systems - 193 megabytes.