Remove Programs standard means

Remove Programs in Windows 8 is carried out using the menu "Programs and Features", which is available as a separate item in the "Control Panel" system.To go to the manager component, go to the interface Metro.To go to the tile mode on the desktop, move your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen and click the left button to access the menu.Using the keyboard, start entering the name of "Programs and Features".In the left pane, in the list of the results, select the appropriate application by pressing the Enter key or the mouse pointer.If the result does not appear, click on "Settings" in the categories listed below the search box on the right side of the screen.

The new window will display an interface that allows you to
manage the programs installed on your computer.The following list shows all the applications installed on the system.Use the slider in the right part of the window to scroll through the list to select the desired item.If you want to remove the program, click on the name of the right mouse button, then select "Delete."Confirm product operation and click "OK" after its completion.After the appearance of notification to restart the computer to apply the changes. To delete the selected program, you can also use the "Change / Remove" in the top of the "Programs and Features".

Remove Programs in Metro

If you want to remove the program from the tiled interface Metro, click again in the lower left corner of the screen Windows.After that, in the proposed list of applications find unnecessary programs.You can also search through the list, start typing the name of the application unnecessary.If the search results are not available, check again the correctness of the program name.Make sure that the search string is selected under the category "Applications" to scan the system was successfully completed. you can simply remove the program from the Metro interface without completely removing it.To do this, click on the "Detach from the initial screen" after selecting unwanted applications right mouse button.

Right click on an unnecessary program.At the bottom of the menu appears which allows you to select options for action.Click the "Delete" button, and then confirm the transaction.Removing the program is completed and you can no longer use it in the system.