you need
  • - Computer;
  • - the program Acronis True Image;
  • - a blank CD-ROM.
Download and install the utility for data backup.They are many, but one of the most popular programs of this kind is Acronis True Image.For example, this product is and will be considered a necessary course of action.If you use another program, significant differences in the need for action is not likely to be.
Once the utility has finished installing, run it.Before you create an image of the system drive, you need to prepare a boot disk with which the system will be
restored.To do this, the optical drive blank CD-ROM and select the item in the program "Creating a bootable disk."Wait until the operation is completed, then remove the disc, label it appropriately and set aside.Also, as a boot device can be used USB-drive.
After the bootable disk is created, start making the image of the system partition.Remember that the larger the amount of data stored on the system disk, the greater will be the size of the image and the longer it takes to recover.So, in the program window, select "Create an image".Next, specify an image of a logical drive to create.
now specify a location in which to store the finished image file.This place should not be placed on the logical drive whose image is done.If your computer has only one logical drive as the destination select the optical drive and insert a blank disc.
Start the creation of the image and wait for its completion.Note that it takes considerable time, and if the process is for some reason interrupted, it will need to start over.After the procedure in this place will be an image file.