Tip 1: How to return Yandex-Bar

Yandex . Bar - bar for Internet Explorer, which includes a number of tools to facilitate access to resources, information retrieval and saving you time.If Yandex . Bar longer appear in your browser window, you can return it in several ways.
If Yandex . bar has been set, but suddenly ceased to appear, check the add-ons for your browser.For example, in Mozilla Firefox select "Tools" menu select "Add-ons" in the open window go to "Advanced".Scroll to complement « Yandex . Bar »and click on" Enable "in line with the name of the superstructure.Restart the browser.In Internet Explorer, the control box menu additions called "Tools" and select "Add-ons".
If « Yandex . Bar »is included, but you still do not see the desired toolbar, click in the browser window on the top or bottom of the right mouse button.Make sure that in the context menu item on the contrary « Yandex . Bar »the marker.Or in the "View" menu, select "Toolbars" and check the sub « Yandex . Bar ».If all else fails, re-install the add-in.
Installing add-ons for different browsers happening on the same principle.It is only necessary to choose the version that is suitable for your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.).Open your homepage Yandex.In the upper left corner, click on the link-line "Set Yandex . Bar ».
Web site will automatically try to install the add-in browser.Agree with the installation, wait for it to end and restart the web browser.If you do not see a line-link in a browser window, go to bar.yandex.Use the search engine find the web page that matches your browser.
For Internet Explorer is http://bar.yandex.ru/ie, for Mozlla Firefox - http://bar.yandex.ru/firefox, for the Opera - http: // bar.yandex.ru/opera.At the center of the page is a button labeled "Install Yandex . Bar », click on it and wait for the download.Restart your browser.

Tip 2: How to put a bar Yandex Yandex

. Bar - one of the most popular additions to any web browser.Putting it on your computer, browser, you will add a lot of useful and nice features: viewing mail, search of the panel, access to information about the weather, traffic, exchange rates and much more.Read these instructions to learn how to install Yandex . Bar .
How to put Yandex bar
Go to the site system that you are using, and click the link that leads to this site.Normally it will be the first issue.Do not install Yandex . Bar from other sources - addition, downloaded from an unknown site may contain malware.
site automatically detect your operating system and browser and will offer to download and install the exact version of Yandex . Bar and that best suits you.If he made a mistake, or you want to select a different version of Yandex . Bar and transfer it to a computer with a different operating system or browser and install it - select the appropriate option from the list located under the big orange button that says "Install Yandex . Bar ».
Click the big orange button that says "Install Yandex . Bar ».You may be prompted to download the installation file to your hard drive or run it immediately.If you choose the second option, the installation will start automatically.If you decide to save the file, remember, in what kind of disc folder you saved it.To install Yandex . Bar , navigate to this folder and run the setup file.
Depending on the operating system and browser you are using, installation Yandeks.Bara may require you to further action.For example, some browsers do not support direct installation of add-ons.In this case, you'll need to download Yandeks.Bara manually copy them to the desired folder browser.On the setup page you are sure to find the necessary information.Please read it.
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