you need
  • • A computer with an optical drive CD / DVD
  • • Drive for transfer mdf
  • • The program for creating images (Daemon Tools)
To create mdf file from the disk image, use one of the most popular programs Daemon Tools.The program is compatible with all modern versions of Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and easy to use.Download the installation file is available on the official website at , by clicking on the "Download" button.
Run the downloaded installation file and go through the standard procedure of installation (choice of directory accepting license agreements, etc.).Since the program is also an emulator images (in the same
format mdf) to create a virtual drive will need to reboot.
After restarting the program will automatically start.The top panel features large icons with the basic functions of the program.Insert the optical drive of your computer's disk image you want to create a format mdf, and click on the Make Disc Image («Create Disk Image") in the panel of the program.By default, this is the third icon from the left.
window opens with a selection of properties of image creation.Make sure that the top pull-down element Device («Drive") is selected is the drive that contains the disc, since the choice is also available in the newly created virtual drive program.
tab Device («Drive"), select the disc type selector Profile («Profile»), mdf file that you create.If it's just a disk with multiple files (and a set of pictures, and the game is in terms of the structures are established), choose Data Disc.Other common variants may be music disc - then select Audio Disc, or a DVD with the movie - then select the DVD-Video.Other parameters changed in this tab is not required.
deposits Satalog Image ("Image Catalog") must enter the name of your mdf-file and choose the path to the folder where it is created.The most important thing is to select the file type under the heading Output format («Output format") - as you will need it to create a file mdf, select the item MDS / MDF image.However, the program can create other types of images - MDX and ISO.Click Start, and start creating an image.This is a fairly lengthy process that may take several tens of minutes, be patient, and your file mdf ready!