you need
  • - program Adobe Audition;
  • - sound file.
Open the entry in the program Adobe Audition using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + O.You can use the command Open («Open") menu File («File").Even easier, you can do by clicking on the file that needs to be processed, the right mouse button and selecting an option from the context menu "Open With ...".Select Adobe Audition in the list of programs, which proposed to open the file.
Increase volume records using a filter Normalize.To do this, open the filter settings command Normalize process from the group Amplitude, which, after some searching, you can find in the menu Effects.Vvedite the percentage to which you want to increase the volume , in the Normalize to.Click OK.
Listen to the result by pressing the "Space".If you think that increased volume is not enough, undo the previous action keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z, again, open the filter settings Normalize and enter another number.
Save the entry with the increased volume th.To do this, use the command Save As («Save as") menu File («File").In the window that opens, select the location to save the file in the "File Name" enter the file name.
drop-down list "File Type", select the format of the saved file.If your source was in a format mp3, you will be prompted to save the modified file in the same format.Click on the button Options («Options"), and select from the drop-down list bitrate file to be saved.It is wise to keep a record with the changed volume th with the same bit rate that was in the original file, of course, if you do not need to reduce the weight of the file.The bit rate of the source file can be found using the File Info command from the menu File.The same thing happens if we use the Ctrl + P.Vybrav bit of the saved file, click OK in the codec settings and the Save button in the Settings window "Save As."