you need
  • - computer;
  • - program Microsoft Access.
Run MS Acess, to make a request.Click on the tab "Request," click on "New" and select "In Design".
Select in the dialog box the tables and fields, of which it is necessary to form a query by double-clicking.Notice that they added in the form designer.To build a query based on the fields of several tables, make sure that between those tables there is a connection.To do this, go to the database, go to "Tools" - "Scheme of data."The presence of communication can be measured by the line between the tables.
Create a simple select query to do this, add the required fields, and run the query to perform with the button on the toolbar (red exclamation mark).Save the query.
Make a request with the condition of selection.To do this on the form designer in any field, such as "Title", enter in the field "Condition selection» - Like «secretary."Start request to perform.In this case, the request will generate sample data from the table in accordance with a predetermined condition, ie,Display information about the secretary.
To make a request, which would be elected for any position data, type in the "Selection conditions" as follows: [insert title].Then when you run the query to perform each time will appear a dialog box prompting the introduction Officer.This request will be more versatile.
Inquire c restricted by date, for example, to select the information on the contracts the company last month.The "eligibility conditions" for the field "Date of contract", enter the following Between # 01.06.2010 # And # 30.06.2010 #.Start request to perform.Creating a query is complete, save it with the button with the image of a floppy disk on the toolbar.