Tip 1: How to build a broken file

With the proliferation of file sharing , like letitbit depositfiles or on the Internet, have become regularly come across files, broken into pieces.This is done mostly because of too large or get the files for commercial purposes by encouraging users to purchase premium accounts, assometimes without the mountain of files you have to download more than one day.However, if this fails, many novice users another question arises: how does all of this put together?
you need
  • PC with installed programs WinRar and 7-zip, archive with a split file.
to start to learn a few useful features such files.They usually consist of numbered parts, which are designated by the word "part" and have the same size, except for the last part - it is usually much less than the others in size and on this basis we can determine the presence of all parts of the file.This is very important because the lack of even the smallest part of the archive will not allow a file to assemble without error, which may be th
e result of complete failure or the file is unreadable.
In the case of a complete set of parts of archive problems are rare.The easiest way to collect such files with special programs - archives.Consider first how this is done using the popular program 7-zip.First, you need to place the necessary files in one folder, and then select the first one, click on the right mouse button and a pop-up menu to select 7 zip - unzip here, then stack files automatically gather into one file.
from many other programs that can cope with such a task, is particularly isolated and WinRar - because in contrast to the first program, is installed on almost every computer.The assembly procedure for the file will be almost identical to the previous one: select the file, click on the right mouse button and from the menu select the item "to remove the current folder."
most often collected archiver files are already available for use, with the exception of the situation when, after the assembly has to uncompress the file has one file.Do not confuse it with files that have an extension ".iso".They are very similar to the archives, but it is not necessary to unpack them - they are run with the help of programs for reading disk images, such as Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools.

Tip 2: How to build an archive of the parts

often archives divided into several components parts in order to make it more convenient to send, for example, on the forum or any other resource, where the sizeattachment file is limited.Also, this method is widely used for recording data on a large removable media.
How to build an archive of the parts
you need
  • - program WinRar.
WinRar Download the program in the event if it is not already installed on your computer.Start the installation process, follow the steps required master installer, and run the file association for quick access to the program menu.
to create an archive of parts open the folder with the file you want.If more than one, place them for convenience in the same directory.Select it or the folder in which they are using the right mouse button.Click WinRar menu and select "Add to archive".
In the small window on the screen, type in the appropriate field the name of the archive.It is best to specify it in Latin, if you are going to send files via the Internet.Set on adjacent tabs archive parameters, if necessary, set a password and encrypt the contents, it is convenient in the event that its content is meant any particular person and can not be mailed personally.In the main tab, using the button "Browse" if you want to add files that have forgotten to include in the archive.
Follow breakdown backup file.Please note that new versions of the software you are provided with is already specified in the options of the size of the file, it is specified in bytes and is used as a template for splitting, for example, recording on CD / DVD, floppy disk, and so on.
Make sure that the archive parameters are set properly, press OK.Posle create an archive check possible if all is working properly and unzip in the opposite direction.To do this, select all the parts and select "Extract."Remove the file previously specified directory for its future location.If possible, check for operation after unzipping.
portion size is specified in bytes.
Helpful Hint
think in advance about the availability of free space on your hard drive - if, during the assembly file it appears that it is not enough, all the work will come to nothing.
  • work with archives WinRAR
  • how to assemble an archive of the parts


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