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  • - reference books on Delphi.
Round number in Delphi to the desired number of decimal places with the following features.In this case, instead of x your list the number of fractional , but in the line version, and instead y - required number of decimal places.
If you are not comfortable previous method, use an alternative method of rounding of fractional numbers to the desired number of decimal places.Both of these methods can be applied depending on your preferences or based on the circumstances.
In case of any questions related to the use of the functions of the programming language Delphi, consult reference books or online sources.If you have recently started to program in this language, read books Neil Rubenking for beginners, it most lucidly an
d clearly outlines all aspects relating to the introduction of a course of study Delphi.
For professional Delphi programmers and no harm will be familiar with the contents of the book, Javier Pacheco "Programming in Borland Delphi┬╗.Also do not forget about the third-party sources of information:,,,, and so on.
When choosing Delphi language compiler to use the parameters of the initial situation, depending on it to select the right software.The most common and most easy to use program is considered Embarcadero Delphi, however, do not stop attention only to him, there are more convenient in some ways compilers.Also, some of them have been specifically developed under GNU Linux operating systems, despite the fact that the data point Delphi supports mainly Microsoft platforms.NET.