you need
  • - development environment Borland C ++ Builder or Borland Delphi;
Write a simple program can even man does not understand programming.Of course, it will have to learn some skills and knowledge.The main advantage of self-writing software that you can create exactly the software that you need.
To write a program, you need a development environment.Select Borland C ++ Builder and Borland Delphi.Both programs are created by Borland, virtually identical to the interface and differ only used programming language - in the first case it is C ++, in the second Delphi.
Which language to choose?Each of them has its advantages, but C ++ can be called more professional, as on it many applications written for Windows.On the other hand, Delphi is more simple, its code
is more visually clear.So just compare the code examples of these languages, and select the one you like best.
Download and install the selected programming environment, it is in it you will create the code of the program.To learn how to use the products from the company Borland, read in textbooks.First learn interface, repeat several case studies - for example, to create a simple text editor and a media player.And only then, having mastered the basics of programming, proceed to create your own program.
Creating a program start with the definition of the algorithm of its work.You have to paint a detailed and step by step what to do if your application.That is - to take out a such and such data and make them so-and-so.Note that the correctness of the algorithm will depend on the correctness of the program.The algorithm should take the form of a block diagram.
If in the process of settlement of some step is repeated many times, bring it to the Hotel cycle, the program will refer to it as needed.For example, instead of one hundred repetitions piece of code you write it once, but the program will appeal to him a hundred times.By optimizing the code in this way, you reduce its size and to speed up the application.
make sure the text explanations of the program, without a couple of months you'll be hard to understand in your own code.Comments are cut when compiling the program, so do not affect its size.
Carefully consider the interface, it must be simple, clear and easy to use.Try to stick to the principles of the elements of management, traditional programs under Windows.This allows anyone to intuitively understand how to work with your application.
preparing a program test, while making sure to follow all kinds of inappropriate actions.If the program generates an error and hangs up, change it to include the code for handling the error.The program should always know what to do in the case of certain user actions.The final version of the program compress packer to reduce its size.