you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - shot;
  • - a logo file.
upload photos, which are going to impose a logo in Photoshop.Place option from the File menu, insert the top of the logo image.
size of the object being inserted in a new layer option Place, can be adjusted to the size of the lower layer without using additional commands.To reduce or enlarge the picture with logo pull the corner of the frame, which is surrounded by the image.Pressing the key Enter, apply the transformation.
Turn the Move Tool and move the logo to the place where it will not cover the details of the picture, while remaining clearly distinguishable.Most often it is placed in the lower right corner of the image along the bottom or right side.
Insert logo in the picture, you can simply copy the image.To do this you need to download both files in Photoshop.Highlight the contents of the document with a logo All Select menu option and then copy it using the Copy menu option Edit.To apply the copied image on the image, apply the Paste option from the same menu.
If the logo covers too much of the image, reduce its Free Transform menu option Edit.You can use the option Scale Transform group of the same menu.
To superimpose the logo in a pattern, you will need to create around pictures with the logo square selection.This can be done instrument Rectangular Marquee.To highlight the area was a square, not a rectangle, hold down Shift.Use the option Define Pattern from the Edit menu to save the pattern.
overlay pattern refers to those transactions that can not be applied to the background layer.Option Layer from Background group New Layer menu make the photo open in Photoshop, editable.
added to the picture option Pattern Overlay Layer Style menu Group Layer.In the style settings, open the palette of patterns and select the most recent sample.Look at the picture, you'll notice that the top of it has several copies of the logo that you have saved as a pattern.
Adjust the Scale and Opacity.With the first option, you can adjust the size and number of copies of the logo, which is superimposed on the picture.The Opacity will increase or decrease the opacity of the pattern.
Save picture option Save As or Save for Web menu File.