Tip 1: How to change the format of Photoshop

Digitized images have different formats.Today, there are more than 30 image formats.The format of any picture can be viewed in the property file.For high-quality photos is commonly used format RAW, for the usual photos and images - PNG, and JPEG, for animation - GIF, for bitmaps - BMP and others.
to transfer large files, including images, through the internet, especially the low-speed, and for recording photos on the flash drive and CD, is appropriate to modify one image format into another, less voluminous, but it is not inferior to the picture quality.
That format is JPEG, and PNG.And they did not change the PNG option "Quality" of the original image, leaving the photo quality at 100%, it allows you to compress JPEG graphics image quality and achieve 95%, 90%, 85% or even 80%.With a decrease in the quality of photos from 100% to 97%, for example, the visual differences in the photo is not, however, file size is reduced.This means that JPEG saves disk space and Internet traffic if you
choose to send a photo by e-mail or upload to the site.
To change the image format to a certain graphics program Adobe Photoshop, open the image file or image (top menu, "File", "Open ...") and save the file as a new image, to change the format.To do this, again select "File", then "Save As ...".
In the window that appears you will see a drop-down menu "Format".Select the format * .JPEG, aka * .JPG and * .JPE, rename the file to overwrite the original did not, and press "saveĀ» ("save").In the new window that appears, select either the preset image quality:
- Maximum (Max)

- High (high)

- Medium (average)

- Low (Low)
either set the desired photo quality slider from 1 to 12,where 12 - the highest quality without losing any of the original.Then click "OK".Format Picture successfully updated.

Tip 2: How to change your image in the photo

Using the tools of Photoshop, you can not just remove defects with his own photos , and apply on face unusual make-up, convert the picture in image character from the sci-fi movie or cartoon.The result in this case depends entirely on your imagination.
How to change its image in the photo
you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - picture.
Download the picture in a graphic editor and create a copy of your photos option Duplicate Layer menu Layer.Some Photoshop filters can not be applied to the background layer, in addition, in the file you are working on, will be the original version of the picture, which at any time will be available for the recovery of parts.
To make a cartoon from your own photo, select using the Lasso Tool fragments of persons who will be transformed.Optionally, make a precise selection, the extra you can hide parts of the layer mask.Most often, to create a cartoon image of the deformed upper and lower part of the face.In turn, copy the selection to a new layer Layer via Copy option group New menu Layer.
deformation parts of the image to apply the Transform option Warp Group menu Edit.Make sure to change the boundary between deformable and the original fragment was minimal.Unnecessary parts of the amended section pictures hide mask.To apply this option to Reveal All Group Layer Mask menu Layer.Turn the Brush Tool and paint the mask with black in places where there are details of the layer that you want to remove.
correct facial features can be using filter Liquify.By setting the Brush Pressure and Brush Size small value you can add to a picture a neat change, the result of which will look quite natural.
After applying the tools Liquify filter can suffer fragments background bordering the corrected image details.This can be corrected by closing the station blurred background pixels copied from the normal track tool Clone Stamp.Click on the image site intact, holding the Alt key to identify the source pixels to be copied.Releasing the button, paint the affected segment.
spectacular change photos can happen as a result of simply replacing the eye color.To do this, select the eye and copy them to the new layer.Change the color, open the Settings window option Hue / Saturation Adjustments menu group Image.Of course, such changes make sense, if the eyes in the picture are clearly distinguishable.
can make the effect of "demonic" fiery eyes, placing a picture of a fire under the photo layer.To do this, open the image fire suitable size, enable the Move Tool and drag the file into the fire with a face.Send Backward option from the group Arrange Layer menu Put a fire under the photo.With a mask created on a layer with an image, make transparent iris without touching the major highlights and shadows if they are on photos .Move the layer with the fire so that the eyes are the most expressive visible flames.
To apply make-up and repainting leather create a new layer option group New Layer menu Layer.Apply blush with a brush on a layer created by applying the Gaussian Blur Blur option group Blur menu Filter.Reduce the opacity of the colored layer, changing the Opacity value in the Layers palette.
shadows apply a new layer using a brush with soft edges.In order to get a brush, reduce the value of Hardness in the settings tool.Change the blending mode to Color makeup or Multiply, select the desired item from the list in the Layers palette.The extra shade erase tool Erazer Tool.In the same way you can change the color of the skin on photos .
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