you need
  • - cartridge;
  • - a small plastic box;
  • - carnations;
  • - syringes with ink;
  • - Scotch;
  • - napkin
Prepare the necessary ink.Put the cartridge requires filling in a small box, the print head down so as not to touch the contacts with your fingers.Remove special label marking.Depending on the cartridge below it you will see 1 (black) or 3 (color) vents for paints.
black cartridge is initially filled with pigment inks, and if you are going to fill it water soluble, try to use the cartridge to the maximum.This will reduce the likelihood of incompatible ink.Similarly, entered and with color.
With cloves, came with ink, gently increase the diameter of the vent holes.Make
it so that the needle of the syringe is free to go in the hole, and left the lumen through which the air from the tank will be refueled to go outside.Now everything is ready for filling.
If you are going to refill the color cartridge, make sure you read the instructions, which is in the box with paint.It indicates what color, what you need to fill the hole.Take the first syringe, insert it into the hole with the same color and gently squeeze out no more than 5 ml of ink in the cartridge capacity.Likewise tuck remaining holes.
After refueling, carefully wipe the traces of ink from the cartridge and seal it tightly with a piece of adhesive tape to the tank did not hit the air from the outside.Wait 10-15 minutes, until the cartridge is saturated, and through the printhead from it will emerge all the excess ink, and then gently wipe them with a cloth.Insert the cartridge into the printer several times and clean the print head.Similarly, the filling is made of black cartridge.