you need
  • OS Windows, software RegCleaner
To uninstall programs in Windows XP, there is a special option.Click on the "Start" button and go to "Control Panel".They choose the command "Add or Remove Programs."Note
program , which are going to be removed.On the right side there is a button "Remove" or "Change / Remove."Click on the button and then confirm requests for action that sets the system.
in OS Windows 7 program can not be removed - it is possible to uninstall it, iedisabled.Probably, the developers have acted with the best intentions, believing that any program to something useful, and you will once again want to use it.Click "Start", go to "Control Panel" and open the group "Programs".Go to t
he link "Uninstall a program."
In the window from the list of installed programs, choose the one that decided to remove.A window "User Account Control".Confirm your selection by clicking "Yes."If the uninstall process you will be asked questions - answer in the affirmative.
many developers write their own programs of Removal of the product from your computer.These tools are called Uninstall and come in the same package with the installation files.If the folder with the program is unnecessary this utility, just run it and answer the questions that can be set during uninstall.
If the program has been removed incorrectly in the registry are traces of it, because of what the system failures can occur.To remedy the situation using the program for cleaning the registry, for example, RegCleaner, which is distributed free of charge.
Start program .If you prefer a Russian interface, the main menu select the item "Options", "Language of program" and "Select Language".The home page displays a list of all installed programs on your computer.Check the box program , you want to delete and click the "Delete" button in the lower right corner.To deselect, click the right mouse button.