Tip 1: How to Install Windows Media Player

Every owner of a personal computer hard drive stores a plurality of video and music albums for viewing and listening experience which required the player.One of the most popular is the Windows Media Player, allows you to play almost all known media-formats.Download the player from the official website of Microsoft.New versions of the media player offer users even more opportunities - this new interface, and the ability to directly download music from online music stores.

To Install Windows Media Player correctly, you must shut down all active programs.This is not just a warning to avoid conflicts between various software.The fact is that the number of applications of Microsoft, for example - the browser Internet Explorer, used in some of the components of the player.For the correct and complete installation must be inactive, including a previous version of Windows Media Player.To do this, make sure the system tray icon is no corresponding program.It is best to go to the "Toolbar" and uncheck "Player

Windows Media┬╗.

To Install Windows Media Player yourself, you need to go to the folder with the stored distribution and double-click the installer icon to click on (usually a file named MP8Setup.exe, where the MP is Media Player, and the figure is the version number).

In the first window that appears, the installation program determines whether there are active programs, and offer them to close.By clicking "Next" button will display information from the license agreement that the user must read and accept the terms of the agreement.To do this, click "I Agree".

New window for setting privacy options is recommended to remove all check marks next to "Get licenses automatically for protected content" and "Send unique Player ID to content providers."It is also recommended to remove the check mark next to "Keep a log of files and addresses in the player," since this information can be available to other computer users.After making your selection, press again "Next" button.

installation program prompts you to select Windows Media Player as a major player files MP3.If users have other players, then you have the tab "File Types" uncheck boxes by "Files Audio format MP3┬╗.Thus, Windows Media Player will not claim to reproduce without permission.

In the next tab, "Advanced" is proposed to place the player icon on the desktop or on the Quick Launch toolbar.Depending on your preference, you can either remove the tick from the relevant inscriptions or leave.Clicking on the button "Finish", the installation program terminates.When you first start Windows Media Player will search for media-files on your computer and add them to the collection.

Tip 2: How to integrate Windows Media

since the release of Windows XP operating system have already passed a number of years, but it is still used.Many use older versions of the operating systems of the fact that they could not get used to the subsequent series of innovations and since low power hardware.But as a rule, each new version of a program, which would like to have in his "OSes".
How to integrate Windows Media
you need
  • - distribution of Windows XP SP2;
  • - Software Windows Media Player 11;
  • - Software WMP11 Repacking Tool;
  • - Software .NET Framework 2.0.
as distribution of Windows XP, use the original disk, which was bought by you in a specialty store or ordered through the online store.At the moment, the issue of this system was suspended, so the original image is impossible MSDN download from the official site.If any enterprise trading you came across a drive, be aware that it is counterfeit.

Windows Media Player can be downloaded http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/AllDownloads.aspx , and WMP11 Repacking Tool is here: http: //unacreator.elitecom.ru/index.php? cat = 4 & amp; id = 44 & amp; cat = 4 .Package .NET Framework 2.0 can be downloaded http: //www.microsoft.com/downloads/ru-ru/confirmation.aspx? FamilyID = 0856 ... .
To perform the integration, you must run the installation program WMP11 Repacking Tool.Installation is very fast and does not cause difficulties even for novice users.
Go to the directory of the program, namely the folder Source.Put it in the installation file that you want to rename previously.For example, the file was wmp11-windowsxp-x86.exe, rename it Wmp11.exe.
Find the program folder Start.cmd executable and run it.As a result, you get the file Wmp11r.exe (modified version).Note the total volume of the resulting file - 17 MB of the previous version have turned to repacked 10MB installation file.
for silent install the application, use the key Q. The line will run the file as follows: Wmp11r.exe / q.
is worth noting that the .NET Framework can be obtained by including an option "Automatic Updates".At the moment, the most urgent is the 4th version of the package .NET Framework.


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