Open the document that contains the layer or multiple layers.Expand the layers palette, if it is minimized.Pay attention to the strip at the bottom of the palette to the trash can icon, Yin Yan, fx and others.Click on layer , which should be cut.Click on the keyboard Del.
If nothing happens, drag layer to the trash can in the strip with icons.If this does not work, use the tab Layer (Layers), followed by Delete (Delete) and click on the Layer (Layer).The layer will be removed, otherwise the word - all carved out of the document.
Open an image containing one or more layer .Cut layers, ie make them invisible, editable, but does
not affect the original image itself.We first look at the Layers palette.To the left of the layer you will see the square, which is the eye.It means that layer see.Click in the box to remove the eye.The layer becomes invisible, that is carved.
If you need to cut layer of the image to make a copy, open the image.Select the area with the Marquee Tool (rectangular area), or press B (English).Click on the tab Layer (Layers), click the group New (New) and click on the Layer via Copy (Copy to a new layer ).Instead, you can also press Ctrl + J, or click inside the previously formed release the right mouse button and select the popup context menu Layer via Copy.
Download the file in Photoshop.Select a tool Marquee Tool necessary.Click on the Layer section in the top menu to open it.Next, select New and click from menu on the Layer via Cut (Cut to a new layer ).
Province is cut from the document to a new layer , creating a transparent area in the file.You can also use "hot" combination Ctrl + Shift + J or right-click inside the selection and choose the appropriate option.