you need
  • - a personal computer;
  • - «1C: Retail."
Perform preparatory work.To do this, make the setting "Store" (enter the name of the store and adjust the account)."Warehouses" can be presented not one storage room, and the whole structure (adjacent rooms, shopping facilities and other objects).
Setting "Goods" means putting the most detailed information on products sold: supplier, shelf life, composition and more.Adjust the section "Prices".The pricing mechanism in the automated system of flexible and simple: if you plan to change the price, "1C: Retail" can be set the date from which the new prices will begin to opera
When configuring the "discount" given to the fact that there are three types of discounts: when buying goods in the pre-specified amount, the purchase of a certain quantity of goods at a discount card.
Tune "Permissions": it will allow each user who will have access to this comprehensive program, to determine only action appropriate to his position.This would eliminate the fraud on the part of this trading company.
To improve the efficiency of retail trade enterprises, follow the correct setting of the equipment.By choosing the trading equipment we need a responsible approach.Among the most common hardware release fiscal printer, barcode scanner and label printers.
final stage settings - operative management.An essential step of effective management - reporting and analysis.