you need
  • - internet connection.
If you need to install the patch for the game battlefield 2, previously save the data that are going to be replaced.After installing the patch will be impossible to restore the change.Be careful to install only the fashion, the use of which has positive feedback from other users and who download the most number of times.This is due to the fact that after the use of many of them play just emergency exits without warning, without giving the user to save.Also, there are often problems with "hanging" of the game, even when sufficient computer configuration.
To avoid this, completely copy the game folder in Program Files or Games, and then, if after installing the patch, the game will work correctly, you can remov
e them.Otherwise, the worst option can be a loss of game progress, and complete reinstallation of the game.
After downloading the patch, unzip the file and check it for malicious code and viruses, it is best to do it antivirusnik or utility Dr.Web Dr.Web Cure It, because they have the function of a protective screen at a timecheck.Start download the utility, select the directory with the game - Program Files or Games (depending on where you unpack the setup files during installation), then Battlefield 2.
Click on the Patch and wait.In some cases, such as when you install the patch 1.51 it may take a long time, it all depends on how many files need to be replaced.Do not stop the manual setup process and restart your computer.Sometimes even if you have a powerful PC, replaced files can be quite long.
After installing the patch, restart your computer.Start the game of Battlefield 2 and check for serviceability.Pay attention to changes in the schedule, management, menus, check whether the game progress correctly.Before deleting data backups, try to pass a certain stage of the game.