you need
  • - program Microsoft Paint
Start editing.To do this, select "Start" - "Programs" - "Standard» - «Paint».
Open or create a drawing in the editor.To create a new pattern (ie, a blank white page), click in the menu "File" - "New".If you want to work with ready-made image, then click "File" - "Open" and then select the desired image file.
now proceed to the drawing.Draw it's best with the tools "brush" or "Pencil".On the toolbar, you can choose the thickness and shape of the brush or pencil, and below, in the color palette, select the desired color.If the existing colors are not enough, then click on any square wi
th the color and click "Define Custom Colors".You will see a spectrum of colors, from which can choose the color that you need.
If you need to paint any color a certain area of ​​the picture, then select the tool "Fill".Remember that if you need to paint them than the entire background of the picture, but only a certain part of the contours of this area must always be closed, otherwise you zalёte all his image.
tool "Eraser" will allow you to erase any area of ​​what you want.The shape and size of the eraser can also customize the toolbar.If you need to clear the area a little more, then select the tool "Selection", select the desired area and press «Delete».If you want to erase the whole picture, then select "Picture" - "Clear".Here once again be a clean sheet.
There are several helpful tools in this program.Create formulations using the tools of "Ellipse" and "Rectangle", create polygons, etc.Tools "line" and "Curve" will help you to create a variety of straight and curved lines, the thickness of which can be adjusted.
Add text to your drawing using the appropriate tool, marked with the letter "A".You can choose the color and font of text.
finished composing your picture, save it via the menu item "File" - "Save As".