you need
  • Software HashTab.
Most often refers to the value of the checksum md5 (checksum).For a quick determination of this parameter, any file you need to install the program HashTab.The effect of this program is minimal - it embeds the applet in "File Properties" your tab by clicking on which you can view the cherished value.
you can download the utility from the following link the Download page, click Download.Installation of the program is to run the installer and you press Next and Finish.To test the utility creates a copy of any file on the desktop in a different directory, for example, in the "New folder".
Right-click on the sample file and select "Proper
ties".In the window that opens, navigate to the "hash sum file."The unit amounts you will see the 3 parameter (CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1) and their values.Compare one of these values ​​with the checksum of the file copy.To do this, go to the block "Comparing Hash" and click "Compare the file."
In the window that opens, select the file from the "New Folder" and press Enter.At concurrence of the sums on the "hash sum files" you will see an image of green tick mark another red strikethrough.
Note that the utility has its own settings, which are hidden in the block checksum.Right-click on one of these values ​​- you will see the following items: "Copy", "Copy all" or "Settings".Click the left button of the mouse on the line "Settings".
In the program settings you can select the type of checksum to be displayed.It is recommended to leave a mark on items CRC32 and MD5, the value of the remaining rows are required in exceptional cases.