Start the MS Word, create a new document or open an existing.The program includes a page break is automatically inserted when the end of one sheet.The format (ie, size) of the sheet can be set on the "Page Layout".Locate the tool "Page Setup" and press the "Size."The drop-down list, click the left mouse button on the name of the format that suits you.
forced to insert a page break in the text, click the "Insert".In the block "Pages" on the toolbar, click "Page Break" - it will be inserted after the cursor, and the text that appears to the right of the cursor will be moved to the new page.It is also possible to insert break the tab "Page Layout".In the block "Page Setup" click on the "gap" and select the context menu item "Page".With this tool you can select a poin
t on the sheet with which to start the break.
If you want to a paragraph in the text does not break when you insert a page break, click the "Page Layout".In the block "Passage", click on the arrow button.You can also highlight the paragraph and click on the allocation of the right mouse button.In the context menu item "Passage" - will open a new dialog box.Go to it on the "Regulation on the page" and set the check box "Do not split paragraph."Apply the new settings with OK.
In that case, if you want to prevent a page break between two related (for example, within the meaning of) paragraphs, select them with the mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard and again call the dialog "Passage".On the "Regulations on the page" set a marker in the "Keep with Next".In the "Paragraph" You can also insert a page break before a specific paragraph.To do this, select the desired paragraph and on the same tab of the "Regulations on the page" set a marker in front of the field "on a new page."Click the OK button.