Tip 1: How to find the virus in his system

PCs are increasingly susceptible to infection by various malware before which users are powerless.As a rule, to deal with them must have special software.
Install anti-virus software on your computer.Try not to use pirated copies because they do not always update the virus signature database, which leads to a complete infection of the personal computer.Do not forget also that the licensed programs cost money, but more effective.Choose antivirus software on your own.It is impossible to say exactly which programs are best and which is worse.Each program has its positive and negative sides.
Then perform a full scan of your computer.Try to check not only local drives, and the registry, as it often hides various malicious programs that stress the processor, steal passwords, go to malicious sites, and more.Once the test is complete, be sure to remove all found threats and restart your computer.After rebooting, perform the test again.
order to find a virus on your computer, y
ou need to know about all running processes.As a rule, most of the viruses is prescribed in startup PC, and disguised as a variety of programs.Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete.You will see the Task Manager computer.Click on the "Processes" tab.Next, click on the "Image Name" to the entire list has been sorted on the list.
carefully through all the processes that you can see in this window.Pay attention to those running as administrator.Compare the data with the programs that are written in the startup.Once you have found serious differences, try to close the process constraint.However, it should be remembered that the removal of some of the processes may lead to numerous errors.

Tip 2: How to find the virus in the computer

Currently, almost every PC user once infected by a computer virus .And it does not matter, you have an internet connection or not.Viruses can get to you by any means: through the disk, flash drive, etc.Before attempting to destroy it, you must know, is there a virus, and what type it is.
How to find the virus in the computer
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Symptoms, which help to determine the presence of viruses on your computer :
- Slow (maybeyou simply open a lot of programs eat up the whole virtual memory and thus slows down the computer).
- Unable to load the operating system (this is not always the fault of the virus, but it is possible).
- Do not run the program previously worked.
- Gone are the files and directories or their contents are distorted.
- changed the date and timestamps of files.
- Computer gives unusual sounds.
- unexpectedly changed significantly the number of files on the disk.
- change the size of the files.
- are displayed Unexpected messages or images.
- reduce the size of free RAM.
- began to appear frequently hang and malfunction.
If any of the above symptoms is present on your computer, then you may have a virus.
Install antivirus.The main objective of the anti-virus - is to find and eliminate the virus.But today's viruses are not so simple, and find them sometimes is not easy.Recent updates of the antivirus database and help solve this problem, and with a very high probability.
Also, if you understand this, you can open the Task Manager, and try to find a virus on their own list of loaded processes.If you do not understand this, it is best to turn to professionals who will clean at the same time even the computer itself from the "extra garbage": files, remnants of deleted programs, etc.
main tool to fight viruses is antivirus software.Today, there are a lot of antivirus software both paid and free.And which one is better or worse - is the eternal philosophical question.Users still can not come to a consensus and are usually inclined toward one or another anti-virus.
Helpful Hint
timely prevention, aimed at finding viruses in your system, will help to avoid deleting important files that have been infected by a virus.Check your computer at least once a month.
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