After installing the Windows operating system a user is using Internet Explorer.In other cases, the computer can be set to a different application.Whatever it was, do not rush to remove the old browser.With it, you still have to download the new.
Decide how you want to use the browser: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, or any other application.Start your old browser and visit the official website of the developer chosen IN (, and so on).
All sites button to download the browser is on the main page, it is large enough so you can not miss it.Click on the button and select the directory to save the installation file on your
Wait until the file download is complete.Go to the directory where it was saved. browser s set automatically, so even a novice user to cope with the task.
Left-click on the icon of the installation file (setup.exe or install.exe) and follow the "Setup Wizard".When saving files needed to run the browser is finished, complete the installation by clicking "Finish".
After that, the new browser is ready for operation.Click on its icon in the "Desktop" in the "Start" menu or Quick Launch 'Taskbar. "Old browser can then be removed.
To remove the old browser, navigate to the directory where it was installed, and select the file uninstall.exe, clicking the left mouse button.Removal also occurs automatically.Wait until the operation is complete, close the window "Master Remove Programs."
If for any reason the file uninstall.exe does not start, call the "Add or Remove Programs" in the "Control Panel" (she called through the "Start" menu).