Tip 1: How to put a driver for Canon printers

Canon has, among other things produces computer peripheral devices for image processing - copiers, printers, scanners, combined device.These products are widely used with home computers and office workstations.Like most peripheral equipment, such devices including printers require for installing the drivers.
Start with the simplest options for installing drivers of any peripherals - turn the power connected to the network and the computer printer.In modern operating systems integrate their own database drivers, which include thousands of kinds of different versions and manufacturers.Upon detection of each newly connected device operating system is trying to identify it and choose the appropriate driver among available integrated suite.If it succeeds, you will see a notification about the successful identification and installation of the printer - it will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop in the system tray.
If this option does not work, use the disk with the softw
are, which should be in the printer box.Install it into the DVD drive and wait for the on-screen menu.If the operating system will request whether it is possible to resolve the startup program, an affirmative answer - the emergence of this request depends on the settings of the OS.From the menu, select driver installation that can be formulated differently for different versions of the printer.Then it will start a special program - the installation wizard.Just follow the instructions, and it is likely that they will not, and the wizard will do everything yourself.
In the absence of an optical drive, download the necessary installation files from the Internet.Use the Russian site Canon - link to the home page is shown below.In the right column on this page is a form to search for information related to the desired printer model.Use the form, download the installation file and run it.After that, start to work described in the previous step, the master printer installation - follow the instructions until the end of the driver installation.

Tip 2: How to install a printer driver for Canon lbp 2900

To ensure the correct operation of some peripheral devices need to install additional software or drivers .There are automatic and manual way to find and install the working files.
you need
  • - Driver Pack Solution;
  • - access to the Internet.
1 Turn on the computer and connect it to the USB-port of the printer cable .The second end thereof is connected to a Canon lbp 2900. Turn on the printer and wait until the operating system will detect the new hardware.
Connect to the Internet, run the Internet browser and visit www.canon.ru.Go to "Support" and open the sub-section "Catalogue of drivers."
Fill in the table.Be sure to select the option in the column Product Printer.After the transition to the new menu, select "Software".Now select the operating system installed on your computer.
click on the appropriate file name from the Printer Drivers.Check the box next to "I accept the agreement" and click "Upload."Wait for the driver download.
Open the "Start" menu and select "Devices and Printers".After determining the printing device, click on its icon twice the left mouse button.Click the "Hardware" and then click "Properties".
Go to the submenu "Drivers" and click "Update."Go to "Make a search on this computer."Select the folder in which your browser saves downloaded files.Wait for the printer driver installation.
If you prefer to use additional tools for the selection of the necessary files, download the program Driver Pack Solution.Run the utility and wait until the scan is complete and the internal peripherals.
Now check the box next to Printers and Others.Click "Install Selected".Restart the printer after installing the selected files.Start a text editor, and then test printing device.
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